Now ideally, you will not need to read this file at all. Just boot up the game, and have at it. This file is only here to explain some of the more complicated options and also to serve as a troubleshooting guide.

Supported gamepads

BIT.TRIP RUNNER only officially supports Microsoft's Xbox 360 wired controller. Other gamepads may work, but are not supported.


The user options are all stored in a config file, game.cfg. Most options are available in the game's options menu, so there hopefully won't be any need to manually edit this file. But just in case, here's a guide to all the options:

Name Valid options Description
Fullscreen Yes, No Instructs the game to run as either fullscreen or in a window.
Resolution <width> x <height> x <color depth> @ <refresh rate> The desired fullscreen mode. Color depth and refresh rate are optional.
WindowSize <width> x <height> The desired resolution of the window (doesn't apply if fullscreen). The game is restricted to 16:9.
VSync Yes, No Enables vertical sync, which might slow down the frame rate, but keeps it from tearing (which just looks bad).
EnableVibration Yes, No Enables gamepad vibration.
SoundDevice Generic Software, plus others based on your sound card. Requests a specific sound device be used. This can be used to work around problems with some sound card drivers.
ForceFixedFunction Yes, No This is a compatibility mode for older video cards. If your video card is not fully supported, you can try to enable this option to get the game to work. Note: turning this on will add to the CPU load. Also, fixed-function mode is not officially supported, but is provided as an alternative to allow more people to enjoy the game.

Sample game.cfg file:
Fullscreen = no
Resolution = 1280x1024x32 @ 60Hz
WindowSize = 1280x720
VSync = yes
EnableVibration = yes
SoundDevice = Generic Hardware

File locations

Except for the OSX versions of BIT.TRIP RUNNER, the config and log files are stored in the same location:

Win 7 (Steam) \Users\<username>\AppData\Local\BIT.TRIP RUNNER\
Win 7 (standalone) \Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Gaijin Games\BIT.TRIP RUNNER\
Win XP (Steam) \Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\BIT.TRIP RUNNER\
Win XP (standalone) \Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Gaijin Games\BIT.TRIP RUNNER\
OSX log file (Steam, standalone) <home>/Library/Logs/BIT.TRIP RUNNER.log
OSX log file (Mac App Store) <home>/Library/Application Support/BIT.TRIP RUNNER/log.txt
OSX config file (Steam) <home>/Documents/BIT.TRIP RUNNER/game.cfg
OSX config file (Mac App Store) <home>/Library/Application Support/BIT.TRIP RUNNER/game.cfg
OSX config file (standalone) <home>/Documents/Gaijin Games/BIT.TRIP RUNNER/game.cfg
Linux ~/.gaijin_games/bit.trip.runner/


Issue: game doesn't work with a dual Radeon xxxx (or Radeon xxxx x2) setup

Turn off Crossfire. ATI's drivers don't always play well with ATI's OpenGL.

Issue: can't launch the game in fullscreen

The game is probably trying to run in an unsupported fullscreen mode. You can manually edit the game.cfg file, or hold Shift during launch (windows only) to run in windowed mode and change the settings in the options menu.

Issue: receive a BSoD when launching the game (windows)

Some Creative sound card drivers are known to cause this crash. You can try specifying a different sound device in the game.cfg file. Generic Software is always available, and Generic Hardware is likely (but not guaranteed) to work. Other options that your system may support can be found in the log file.

Issue: Linux performance is slow!

We have found that performance is best when the game is run fullscreen with settings (resolution, color depth) that match the desktop. When run in a window or with different settings, there is a significant performance penalty. Try switching to fullscreen using the same resolution and color depth as your desktop.

Issue: everything is pink / purple!

This can happen if your video card doesn't fully support shader model 3 or OpenGL 2.1. Try enabling "ForceFixedFunction" in game.cfg.

For all other issues

Email with a description of your problem. Attaching a log file helps us to track down problems!