BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

Supported gamepads

Runner2 only officially supports Microsoft's Xbox 360 wired controller. Other gamepads may work, but are not supported.


The user options are all stored in a config file, game.cfg. Most options are available in the game's options menu, so there hopefully won't be any need to manually edit this file. But just in case, here's a guide to all the options:

Name Valid options Description
Fullscreen Yes, No Instructs the game to run as either fullscreen or in a window.
Resolution <width> x <height> x <color depth> @ <refresh rate> The desired fullscreen mode. Color depth and refresh rate are optional.
WindowSize <width> x <height> The desired resolution of the window (doesn't apply if fullscreen). The game is restricted to 16:9.
VSync Yes, No Enables vertical sync, which might slow down the frame rate, but keeps it from tearing (which just looks bad).
EnableVibration Yes, No Enables gamepad vibration.
SfxVolume 0-1 Sets sound effects volume.
MusicVolume 0-1 Sets music volume.
DepthOfField Yes, No Enables depth of field. Turning this off can help improve framerate.
RetinaScaling Yes, No (OSX only) Enables retina resolution support for retina Macs.
Shadows Yes, No Allows shadows to be turned off.
SoundDevice As reported in log file. Instructs FMOD to use a specific sound driver.

Sample game.cfg file:

Fullscreen = no
Resolution = 2560x1440x32
WindowSize = 1280x720
VSync = yes
EnableVibration = yes
SfxVolume = .75
MusicVolume = .9
DepthOfField = Yes
RetinaScaling = No

File locations

Win 7 (Steam) \Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Gaijin Games\Runner2\
Win XP (Steam) \Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Gaijin Games\Runner2\
OSX (Steam) <home>/Library/Application Support/Gaijin Games/Runner2/
OSX (Mac App Store) <home>/Library/Containers/com.gaijingames.runner2.macappstore/Data/Library/Application Support/Gaijin Games/Runner2/ (yes, seriously)
Linux (Steam) The Linux versions adhere to the XDG base directory specification. Actual directory locations can vary based on your setup, but the possibilities are:




Issue: can't launch the game in fullscreen

The game currently does not support fullscreen multiple monitor setups.  We are working on adding this.

If you only have a single display, the game is probably trying to run in an unsupported fullscreen mode. While it will try to automatically switch to windowed mode when this happens, you can also manually edit the game.cfg file, or hold Shift during launch (windows only) to run in windowed mode and change the settings in the options menu.

Issue: game is choppy / low frame rate

Try reducing the resolution (if fullscreen) or window size (if windowed) and turning off depth of field and shadows.

Issue: Failed to load necessary sound data

One possible cause of this issue is that your sound card is not working or not supported.  You can try updating your sound card drivers, and if that doesn't work, you can try updating the fmod libraries that are included with the game.

Windows: d3dx9_**.dll is missing

The game tries to also install all required components, but they don't always take.  Manually install DirectX 9 (from here), reboot your computer, and try again.

The game crashes when I hit a core (powerup) or bonk.

This seems to be happening mostly (exclusively?) to people using the wireless 360 controller.  We're working on a fix, but in the meantime you can turn off vibration in the settings menu.

Linux: the game auto pauses every n minutes

Try turning off your screen saver.  We use xdg-screensaver and gnome-screensaver-command to suspend the screen saver while the game is running, but this might not work with all setups.

For all other issues

Email with a description of your problem. Attaching a log file and a report of your configuration (windows: dxdiag, linux: glxinfo, osx: System Information, accessible via spotlight or "About this Mac") would help us to track down problems!